Thursday, August 16, 2007

Diana Cazadora. Jul.2007

Fotos de la fuente con la Diana cazadora (algo sobre el monumento aquí) en el Paseo de la Reforma. Cualquier parecido con esto no es coincidencia, jaja.
The fountain with the Diana the Huntress statue on Paseo de la Reforma. Notice the resemblance to this celebration style, hehe. The monument was built in 1942, but placed in a different location in the city. In 1943, due to protests from ultra-conservative leagues, the sculptor was forced to put on her a bronze skirt (which was soldered to the statue at three points) to cover her nakedness; the skirt was removed in 1968, just before the Olympic games in Mexico, but the statue was damaged in the process, so a new one was built to replace it. In 1974, the fountain was moved to a place close to where the Torre Mayor was later built; finally, in 1992 it was moved to its current place.

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